Viking Toys Chubbies Mix


Chubbies, brought to you by Viking Toys®, offers an assortment of vibrant, primary-colored vehicles perfectly sized for little hands. With their chubby, friendly designs that feature no sharp edges, these gender-neutral vehicles ensure safety at its core, enabling kids to roll, push, or let their imaginations soar without limits. Whether it's the sandbox, the beach, or the backyard, these robust toys can handle any play setting. After a fun-filled day, there's no fret about clean-up; they're dishwasher-safe and ready for the next adventure. What sets Chubbies apart is their silent, soft tires that not only prevent damage to floors and furniture but also provide a noise-free play experience. Beyond their silent run, each vehicle has been meticulously designed with functional features; from wheels that genuinely roll on solid metal axles to propellers that turn. With no small parts that can detach, these vehicles ensure safety for children ages one and up. The range includes 13 distinct vehicle styles, from ambulances to helicopters, all radiating in bright colors. Designed in Sweden, these toys are made using only the highest quality, non-phthalate, food-grade, and toxic-free materials, reflecting Viking Toys® commitment to the "5 S's": Safety, Softness, Silence, Strength, and Simplicity. Each vehicle measures approximately 4 inches in length, making Chubbies the ideal first vehicle choice for your little ones.

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