Viking Toys Ecoline Sand Molds Vehicles


In our vast and captivating world, countless destinations beckon. With just a spark of imagination, you can journey anywhere your heart desires. Our sandforms further enhance this imaginative play, letting you decide whether to navigate by boat, drive by car, or soar through the skies. Rest assured, every imaginary adventure is emission-free! Though the colors of our sand molds may vary, it's the luck of the draw that determines the hues you'll receive. Proudly part of our Ecoline-series, these toys are crafted from natural, renewable sources like sugar canes. Notably, sugar canes' growth process absorbs more CO2 than the production of the raw material emits, significantly reducing our environmental footprint. The outcome? Sustainable, non-toxic, oil-free, and 100% recyclable toys that seamlessly blend with our enduring, classic design. Designed in Sweden, you can conveniently clean all our toys in the dishwasher.

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