Pre & Postnatal Lactation Check-In

Want to get breastfeeding off to a great start? Connect with your local Lactation Consultant twice with a Pre & Postnatal Lactation Check-In. Once before you give birth to get a quick overview of what to expect during the first few days postpartum, ask any last-minute breastfeeding questions and address your personal concerns. Then meet with the Lactation Consultant again approximately 5-10 days after your baby is born. The consultant will keep you on track for a successful breastfeeding relationship and will also address any current unexpected breastfeeding issues.

Meetings are up to 45 minutes each, via Zoom or phone. In-home assistance with latch will not be provided with this check-in. If you need further assistance, please book a Lactation Consultation.

Lactation Consultations

A Mother’s Haven offers Private Lactation Consultations to new mothers needing breastfeeding support and lactation assistance. In a Private Consultation, the Lactation Consultant will give you focused and individualized attention and help you make sure you are using the proper breastfeeding technique to achieve efficient stimulation and removal of your milk.

Consultations are provided by Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). Consultations include in-depth history, physical assessment and cover the range of problems and challenges that can arise. Phone, in-store, and in-home consultations are available by appointment.

Please click link below, email [email protected] or call (818) 380-3111 to schedule a Lactation Consultation.

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