Childbirth Prep


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Sunday Mornings - 7 hours

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Expectant parents and caretakers

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Sharon Curtin-Bottomley
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A Mother's Haven one-day Prepared Childbirth Intensive Birthing Class provides pregnant women and their partners with vital, concise information to prepare them for labor, birth, and postpartum. Held in a small group setting with individualized attention, this birthing class covers the labor and birth process, hospital decisions, and setting the scene for rejuvenating postpartum.

In this Prepared Childbirth Intensive Class the instructor will cover:

  • Class Overview & Introduction
  • Connection with Couples in the Same Birthing Window
  • Physiology & Hormones of Labor
  • Possible & Positive Signs of Labor
  • Birth Team Definitions, Partners & Doulas
  • Comfort Measures for Labor
  • What to Pack for the Hospital
  • Preparing Your Body for Labor
  • Pushing & Delivery Phase
  • Immediate Postpartum, Baby & Placenta
  • Informed Consent & Decision Making (including Birth Plans, Options & Alternatives)
  • Standard Birth Procedures In & Out of Hospital
  • Pain Medication Options
  • Medical Interventions & Common Complications
  • Cesarean Birth
  • The Golden Hour & Your Newborn
  • Postpartum Recovery & Bliss
  • Life Changes & Your Relationship

This 6-hour experience is held in-store once or twice a month on Sundays. Our small group size allows the instructor to personalize the class to your needs and questions. Due to the amount of material covered in this class, we ask that you arrive on time as class may begin without attendees who arrive late. Handouts and materials are provided. Please bring snacks, water (we provide a filtered water dispenser for refills), and anything else to stay comfortable for a full and FUN day of class! The class will take a one-hour break for lunch halfway through the day. Several dining options are within walkable distance of our store. Private in-home and Zoom classes are available upon request.

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