Bambo Nest Diapers

Size: 1
Plant-based materials (wood, bamboo, cane) Free of harmful chemicals and known allergens (Oeko-tex & SGS certified materials) Compostable (tested according to ISO 14855-1-2012) Hypo-allergenic Size 1 (6-12 lbs) Diaper Pack - 28 units Size 2 (10-16 lbs) Diaper Pack - 30 units Size 3 (14-26 lbs) Diaper Pack - 33 units Size 4 (22-37 lbs) Diaper Pack - 30 units Size 5 (over 27 lbs) Diaper Pack - 27 units
Made with hand-selected sustainable materials that are free of harmful chemicals, perfume, and known allergens. Nest offers a soft, absorbent design that you and your baby will love.
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